All photography taken with an iPhone 5s or Nikon Coolpix P520.



I am Kyna, a quarter-lifer based in beautiful Vancouver!

ENFJ, realistic optimist, aspiring marketer, dork and adventurer are just some terms that describe me.

After going through a quarter life crisis and subsequent breakthrough in my career, I decided to set up this website as a side hustle. I want to share my various passions for social media, writing, hiking, travelling, health and wellness, fitness, career, reading, exploring places and cuisines with fellow enthusiasts, & help you plan adventures. I also write to be free; to express and understand myself.

Values: Ambition, Adventure, Curiosity, Exploration, Flexibility, Hard Work, Independence, Self-Expression, Wealth.

"You don't owe anyone but yourself an explanation for your choices."

Embrace your journey with me and follow along on my adventures!


Hustle means understanding yourself, pushing past fear, rejection and failure to work relentlessly towards your vision and goals. It means building a life of your own design.

Part of this space will be to discuss career concerns and build community among fellow millennials navigating their career in an increasingly complex work world. 

Hustle also means committing to the 80/20 healthy diet and working out at least thrice a week!

Come summer, I will be hitting you up with a ton of hiking and scenery posts so you can discover trails in BC! My commitment during summer of 2017 is to complete 15 amazing hikes. 


When I meet people who have become undeniably cynical and disillusioned about life, part of me dies inside. 

I believe in the power of optimism, passion and dreams - and to embrace life in its complexity, craziness, beauty, sadness and magnitude. 

We are never too young or old to chase our passions and be present in the moment, while working hard towards our goals. I believe in building an amazing community here by sharing content relevant to you guys! Feedback muchly appreciated.


#ExploreBC is an overused hashtag on my Instagram, but for good reason. The natural, undistilled beauty of BC never fails to amaze me, and I will capture it here. 

Ever since moving here 6 years ago, I have been obsessed with exploring beautiful places in BC and beyond. During summer, I become an avid hiker determined to explore the trails of Chilliwack, Whistler, Pemberton and North Vancouver. 

My recent travels have taken me to Newfoundland, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Singapore and Seattle, just to name a few places. 

I'm super excited to go to Iceland (breathing in the land of fire and ice) in October and can't wait to share my itinerary with you!

Join me as I strike off more places, locally and internationally, from my bucket list. Let me know what content would help you plan your vacations, & contact me if you want more trip advice.

I will also share discoveries of interesting cafes, eateries and hidden gems. 



As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was about to happen.”
— Winnie the Pooh