Trailblazing 2017: Norvan Falls Hike

Difficulty: Intermediate

Time: 5 hours

Round-Trip: 14km

Elevation gain: 200m

Car distance from Vancouver: 40 minutes

Public Transit Accessible? Yes

Dog Friendly? Yes

Norvan Falls is an ideal year-round and dog-friendly hike culminating in views of a waterfall located in the lush forests of Lynn Headwaters Regional Park.

Head to your left and continue walking along the creek alongside the river and continues through groves of second growth Cedar trees. This area was logged in the early 1900's including an old logging cart and saw blades.

The first 1.7km is along a wide gravel road which is part of the lower Lynn Loop Trail. As you continue past a junction, the trail becomes narrower and you encounter several small streams, pools of mud, and around small groves of trees.

After the first 4km, the trail opens up into an open space. Walk to the left towards the river and take in the views and the shallow stream flowing quietly across the rocks.

After this, turn left and continue your hike by entering the forest along the Headwaters Trail.

As you approach Norvan Creek, you will hear gushing water.  Cross the steel suspension bridge to inch closer to your destination. Seek the path that brings you to the flat rocky area which offers you the best view and a relaxing place for a lunch break.

We chilled here, played with a random cute dog and drank in the pristine waterfall - it was pretty damn amazing!!

After enjoying the falls, descend back down towards the trail and head left back along the route you came from.