Trailblazing 2019: Kanaka Creek Cliff Falls

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated Time: 2 hours

Round-Trip Distance: 4 km

Elevation Gain: Minimal

Season: year-round

Car Travelling Time from Vancouver: 1 hour

Public Transit: Yes


In Maple Ridge, the Cliff Falls section of Kanaka Creek provides an easy hiking trail, from the picnic portion near the waterfalls to the Bell-Irving Hatchery. The park is a suitable location for families to enjoy the outdoors during the sunny spring season. Furthermore, it was very secluded and peaceful on the day visited. It was quite easy to follow and well-marked.


Entering the forest, walk straight through the 4-way trail intersection and persevere, overpassing a wooden bridge. The trail extends into the Cliff Falls picnic area, with access to multiple picnic tables.


Pursue the gravel path until you reach an intersection and head left along the Canyon Trail. The trail meanders through the forest with the peaceful accent of Kanaka Creek.


The trail gradually descends and lingers right next to a much milder creek before reaching a road. Carefully cross the road and walk through the gravel parking area and follow the trail on the far end to the hatchery.

The Bell-Irving Hatchery has salmon on site 12 months of the year, including Coho, Chum, and Pink Salmon at different times of the year. There were many cute breeds of salmon swimming around in the hatchery.


The namesake falls were really paradisiacal and serene. A burbling creek cascades through lush mountain forests, grandiose sandstone canyons and breathtaking falls, culminating in a placid estuary.

What distinguishes this falls from others is the layers of water canyons, which resulted in an unusually but beautifully shaped waterfall.


To return to the beginning of the hike, trace your steps heading towards the gravel parking lot and cross the road, following the Canyon Trail. Continue heading up the steep slope on the other side of the canyon and along the dirt trail until you reach a wide gravel road.