Bowen Island Long Weekend Road Trip!


It was time for an adventure to the quaint, relaxing little Bowen Island!

We left on the 9:00 am ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Snug Cove. It only took 20 minutes! The cost of taking the ferry including a car and 3 passengers for a return trip was $69.95. You can check the ferry schedule for the cost of admitting a single passenger.

STOP #1: Snug Cove

STOP #2: Dorman Point Hiking Trail (MUST GO!!!)

Dorman Point is a moderate 2.5km 1 hour trail with a slight elevation gain of 105m. It is just a short walk from the ferry terminal to a great viewpoint overlooking Howe Sound.

From the ferry terminal, follow a wooden walkway as you continue to follow the trail and enter the lush foliage. Go left at a cross section where there is a sign pointing to Dorman Point.

The trail climbs gradually before turning to the right and becoming steeper as it winds it ways through a series of switchbacks. Past the park sign up the hill, there is a steep but short trail section, which eventually levels out and reaches the Dorman Point summit.

The view from the highest point at Dorman Point is obstructed by greenery. If you clamber down to the side via a short trail, you can enjoy a better view. Definitely be careful here though as you don't want to clamber off the edge.


The views from the top are nothing short of incredible (Y) #baldeagle #circleoflife

Follow the path as you carefully make your way down some rocks and within several minutes, you arrive at a clearing with a scenic view of Howe Sound overlooking Dorman Bay.

Return to Snug Cove via the same path you took, ensuring that you take a right at the road back down the trail.


Whew! Off to the Killarney Lake Loop!!! It was a light walk.  The round trip takes 9km and is 2 hours long with minimal elevation.

This scenic trail that loops around Killarney Lake epitomizes Bowen Island exactly and gives residents a sense of laidback island life.

Eventually you arrive at a gravel road. Go up the short hill and right at the gate where there is a green and yellow sign pointing the way to the ferry. Soon after, the trail rejoins the trail where you walked past earlier. At the wooden bridge, continue straight taking a slightly different route to return to Snug Cove. At Miller Road, go right and walk alongside the road for 200 meters to a creek and a trail on the left. Follow this trail as it brings you back to Cardena Drive and just a few stops up the street from the shops and ferry terminal.


Cheesy and vegetarian quiche, $12.50

Cheesy and vegetarian quiche, $12.50

Chocolate banana cream pie, $12.50

Chocolate banana cream pie, $12.50

We stopped by the cutest cafe. Honestly, I found it VERY pricey but I guess it was justifiable as we split it among the 3 of us.

They have one in Yaletown too, so you can visit it! I don't have lots of pie-eating experience, but I definitely found these fairly tasty and EXTREMELY sinful but hey #pigoutworkout right!

There is a small selection of cafes and eateries in the vicinity - The Snug Cafe, Rustique Bistro, Bowen Sushi to Go so definitely look for different price ranges and food styles that suit your tastes.


I really enjoyed this lighthouse and thought it was one of the hidden gems of Bowen Island.

This area embraces over 3km of rugged coastline, mature 2nd growth forest, rare coastal bluff ecosystems and old logging roads. It is the ONLY undeveloped coastal area of land of this beauty and size near to Vancouver. We brought picnic blankets and just chilled there. It was mellow and suuuuuper relaxing!


The Lagoon is in Crippen Regional Park, which is 5 minutes away from the ferry terminal. It is a chill freshwater area is the first stage for spawning Chum and Coho Salmon and the last area before they return to the ocean. There was a cute dog inside too!!!



I think we managed to cover quite a bit of ground at Bowen Island. With some careful planning, you definitely can too! It was the perfect day trip for a mellow, laidback vibe!


Other activities to enjoy at Bowen Island if you intend to visit:

If you are planning to make a visit here sometime soon, definitely leave comments or let me know what you think. Enjoy your summer!!!