On a Mission to Mission!

To be completely honest, I had no idea that there was much to do in Mission! Since it was the long weekend and we perused a list of popular lakes, we decided to do a day trip to Mission to make the most of the long weekend! This area is definitely overlooked but worth a visit - mission accomplished woohoo!


It definitely took a bit of a drive to get here, but this is by far one of the prettiest waterfalls I have EVER visited! No surprise as it was rated as the #1 attraction in Mission! From the trailhead, it's a 10-minute steep hike to the falls. There is even a suspension bridge across the creek which allows you to enjoy a more picturesque view of the waterfall.

I would definitely recommend going down the small but steep path (take your time and be careful!) right to the waterfall as there are crystal clear turquoise pools to frolick around and swim in!


Around 40 minutes away is Rolley Lake, a very popular family-friendly lake. Lots of energy and families gathered around for picnics and BBQs. It's also the perfect place to bring a float and enjoy the ambience!