Hawaii Big Island: Day 1!

Hawaii Big Island has been so beautifully picturesque and blue so far.

The drive winds around roads that overlook the sparkling turquoise Pacific Ocean, which seems to be like an endless horizon which stretches on.

Here are the places we visited (in order of proximity) on Day #1:

STOP #1: Magic Sands Beach Park - foam and spray


This small beach had the most glittering turquoise blues and is a popular tourist attraction. During high winter surf the beach can vanish literally overnight, earning the nickname ‘Magic Sands.’ 

Tip: Bring a swimsuit, flip flops & towel to soak up the sun and go under the waves (literally).

STOP #2: Kahalu’u Beach Park


This is a small beach and reef with shallow and calm waters, making it a suitable beginners’ snorkelling hotspot with over 50 sea turtles and exceptionally friendly schools of fish.
I will definitely report back if I have the opportunity to snorkel here.

STOP #3: Kealakekua Bay


STOP #4: Mile Marker 75 on the Ka’U Scenic Byway

This is worth a stop if you are into volcanic craters and ashen rock for s distance as wide as your field of vision can extend.


STOP #5: South Point Cliff Dive * HIGHLIGHT *

This is definitely a beautiful place and we managed to witness people cliff diving.

It was so breathtaking with its jagged cliffs and cerulean blue waters. As well, I even spotted hidden waves with water flowing out of crevices and fresh foam spray. Definitely a sight I will remember for a long time.


STOP #6: Green Sand Beach

Tip: if you are in a time crunch, give this location a miss. It takes around 2 hours+ total to hike as a round trip (on moderately flat land). An adventurous alternative is to pay 20 USD to take a jeep to the location. The distance is approximately hike 2.5 miles (one way) from the parking lot to the beach. En route, the hike is rather pretty and overlooks the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

The main attraction of this beach is, of course, the crystal green sand. The green crystals which give the beach its name are mixed with black (lava) and white (coral/shells) sand. Unfortunately, we did not have time to go down to observe the green sand, but it was still quite a striking sight from afar. You can choose to descend via the lava cliff on the west side of the bay.


As always, if you want a copy of the itinerary, definitely send an email my way: hustledreamexplore@gmail.com. I will get back to you shortly.