Restaurant Series: Anh + Chi

Note: Anh + Chi does not accept reservations so be there on time to get a table.

I had a great time dining at Anh + Chi with my family, due to its vibrant decor and exquisitely presented dishes. Vietnamese culture emphasizes that to share food is to share love, which is definitely a common sentiment in Asian culture. Handcrafted, simple but fresh ingredients and the menu emphasizes a collection of staples found on the streets of Vietnam, on food carts, in homes and restaurants, at any time of day.

Conveniently located by Main & 14th, the story (which I found on the website) behind Anh + Chi is fascinating. "It is a vibrant, cultured and hip hub to eat, drink and connect. The owner's mom grew up in grandma’s café, which was a space for people to gather, eat and express themselves. Fast forward 40 years, our family’s recipes have reached beyond Saigon and into Seattle and Vancouver. Our vision is to continue to share Vietnamese cooking and culture with our greater community – our brothers and sisters. What our parents did out of necessity became a strong foundation for us moving forward. Their shoulders are what we stand on. Anh + Chi is a tribute to our parents, family and friends who have helped us along the way, and a celebration for many families who continue to pave the way for the generations to come."

The following dishes were freshly prepared, serving as a great introduction to Vietnamese dishes. I definitely cannot attest to its authenticity, but I enjoyed what I tasted here ;)

The interior is dimly lit and tastefully designed.


Om Bowl - grilled organic tofu, crisp spring roll, okra & shiitake mushroom over a bed of greens & mixed herbs (with light soy sauce)


Fried chicken wings (butter, garlic and green onion)


Vermicelli bowl with choice of grilled beef served with grilled whole prawn and crisp spring rolls over bed of greens, mixed herbs (served with light soy sauce)


Street side platter (house made pork sausage, beef in betel leaf, grilled chicken, crisp fried spring roll)


Mmm... looking at these pictures definitely makes me reminisce about how mouthwatering these dishes are! Definitely give the dishes a taste if you are in the neighbourhood.