Café Series: Creating Community at Olive + Ruby

Note: Lunch here was fully sponsored but opinions expressed are completely my own

Olive + Ruby aka THAT highly instagrammable café which has been making its way all over your feeds is as pretty as it looks in photos. The café itself is beautiful and clean with a thoughtfully decorated plant pot wall on one side, a colourful mural by Dana Mooney on the other, hanging rattan chairs in the window and natural wood tables. I thought the story behind the mural was quite charming and inspired as well.


The space reflects the food; fresh, clean and nourishing for the senses. It rightfully prides itself as being a community space and I could see it serving multiple functions: being a place to catch up with friends, relaxing place to study in, just a casual Kitsilano spot to relax in.

One of the highlights of the cafe has to be these awesome swinging rattan chairs right at the front of the café. 

My mom looking rather pleased and #livinginthemoment #momdaughterdate

My mom looking rather pleased and #livinginthemoment #momdaughterdate

Bounced from #sundaymorningbarre to here. Absolutely calming place to enjoy lunch/tea

Bounced from #sundaymorningbarre to here. Absolutely calming place to enjoy lunch/tea

According to sources, the owner, Summer (who is also super friendly over email) and her husband Brad Dotinga are the proprietors of a cold-press juice company, Sexy Juice. Named after their daughters (Olive and Ruby), the café was originally intended to be a juice bar, but their plans morphed into a full-fledged café complete with a health-focused menu which incorporates fresh ingredients.

When we visited, the café was packed mainly with students. Some people were there to enjoy a leisurely lunch.

Olive + Ruby 6.jpg


Menu items are stated on clipboards which added a nice hipster touch. Service was also attentive and personalized.

The highlight has to be this amazing black rose latte which is enhanced with charcoal (for detoxifying properties, I assume). It was really tasty and not overpoweringly sweet. Presentation was also on point!

Olive + Ruby 3.JPG

They offer an assortment of bowls - muesli, acai bowl, oatmeal and kale caesar. I really wanted to try their acai bowls as they look amazing, but the blender was not working. My mom opted for peanut noodle - brown rice noodle with kale, carrot, beet, snap peas in a light peanut dressing. It was quite fresh and tasty, but she commented that there was "too much kale". She still chomped most of it down like the healthy champ that she is though!

Olive + Ruby 1.jpg
Olive + Ruby 2.jpg

I tried the caprese sandwich which was chock-full of delicious ingredients like cultured cashew cheese, tomato basil relish, topped with salsa verde and balsamic crema drizzle. It was definitely quite sinful and rich, a bit too much for one sitting. If you're hungry though, you will definitely dig in!

Olive + Ruby 5.jpg

I really recommend this place for its sophisticated and minimalistic ambience and healthy and nourishing food options. I'll be back with some girlfriends for sure!