Cafe Series: Classy Cha Le Tea Lounge

After scrolling through pictures of Cha Le on my social media feeds, I was really excited to visit this sleek and stylish tea lounge with an airy and wooden interior. 

"Cha Le" means happy tea in Mandarin. Their tea selection which incorporate Chinese tea leaves is sure to make tea lovers happy. 

The menu consists of more than 20 handpicked, single-origin tea from China, including black, white, green, oolong, pu-erh (fermented tea), and herbal teas.  

I was fascinated by their technologically advanced tea-making process. Instead of brewing tea in teapots, this teahouse uses design-savvy computer-controlled glass vacuums with customized temperatures and brewing times at a state-of-the-art tea bar that allows customers to watch their drinks being brewed. Most brews can be prepared and steeped to perfection within 1.5 minutes.

An entire wall of the cafe carries upwards of 20 high-quality, handpicked teas imported directly from independent tea farms throughout China’s tea-growing provinces, packaged for retail sale in large tins and small boxes. I am obsessed with these earthy copper tins which fit in perfectly with the woody decor. Also, great packaging with an authentic product makes for good gifting for tea lovers in your life!

There were a few ladies sitting around in the tea lounge when we visited it at around 430pm on a Saturday. They seemed to be enjoying the tea and really engrossed in their conversations. Although the seating capacity is relatively small, with space for around 15-20 people, it is cosy and I snuggled right up to the tea bar. Raspberry creme tea was an easy choice for me, as I love fruity teas. On its own, it tastes relatively mild. After adding some honey (I love how they include honey! Many cafes just offer sugar), the fruity notes were more present. I love this tea - its fruity scent is just perfect for spring. 

My friend had her favorite Matcha Latte, but commented that it was all right. I did note that they handwhisked the matcha drink on the spot. 

I recommend this place for its ambience and selection of teas. Bring a friend or date here - you will feel completely at peace with its beautiful interiors and authentic tea. I will definitely be back to try their handcrafted sweet toasts which combine interesting and inventive flavours. 

Cha Le is located a block away from Yaletown Skytrain right in downtown, though the cafe is such a serene and classy breath of fresh air from other more commercialized eateries in the area.

PS. The perfect photo opp is right across the street from this cafe! Snap the perfect #ootd by this quirky painted brick wall. Yep, don't forget to fall in love with yourself (and this city) first!