Metta3 Rest Spa: Floating Away into a Dream

Note: The float session was sponsored by Metta3 Rest Spa, with a 25% off discount code at the end of the post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own, some photos supplied by Metta3 Rest Spa.

Metta3 Rest Spa is a flotation therapy sanctuary in Vancouver. The idea behind it is simple; to create a place to float, where guests feel invited, safe and excited to float effortlessly in a beautiful pod filled with salt water. 

I was impressed by the spa ambience and attention to detail to help others unwind. I stayed in the infrared sauna room for half an hour, which was therapeutic. The heat was much needed on a rainy Saturday.

They even offer Kangen water to visitors. Kangen water has alkaline, ionizing and hydrating properties.

Floatation therapy is claimed to allow for more creativity and inspiration, as your mind is free to explore thoughts without distraction. This leads your brain to produce more dopamine and endorphins, neurotransmitters of happiness. Furthermore, epsom salts are readily absorbed through the skin, reducing inflammation, facilitation muscle function, flushing out toxins and easing headaches.

I was led into my room, and took a warm shower before stepping into my float pod. I highly recommend using ear plugs to prevent water from being stuck in your ear, and the neck rest to support your neck and prevent cramps.

My one hour session in the floatation tank was extremely relaxing, and I found myself losing track of time. Suspended in inches of warm water which contains over 650 lbs of Epsom salt, I spent half the time with my mind fully at rest, and half the time with my mind wandering. It made me realise how difficult it is to still the mind. There were several magical moments when I was completely in the present. I found my mind flitting in and out of consciousness, hovering somewhere between dreams and reality - in the theta state that precedes sleep.

I had opted for flickering colored lights and forest music, with the pod door up (I am slightly claustrophobic), which made me feel like I was immersed in the forest or outer space. Was I supposed to lie here and ponder the meaning of life? I felt like nothing in the context of infinity. I gained a deeper insight into how my mind works in the distraction of our modern context.

Immediately after the float session. I showered and felt a deep sense of peace permeate my body, mind and muscles. It was a rare opportunity to let go and completely relax, in an environment which stripped my senses of any stimulation. To just exist. Was this meant to be our natural state?

There is also a room you can relax in before or after your float to unwind and sip some tea.

As I left the float spa, everything seemed a bit too bright, noisy and overwhelming. It was challenging to adjust to the hustle and bustle of city life. I was reminded that when exposed to sensory deprivation, my mind was my sanctuary, my blank canvas, my fresh page. Modern life imposes so many distractions and choices, that we rarely have the time to connect with our inner selves. Floating provides that empty space to go deep within yourself and create who you want to be.

This was my third time floating, and third was definitely a charm. I found it hard to switch off during my first 2 sessions as I felt out of place in this new environment. However, this time, I learnt to zen out and just be. I highly recommend floating for anyone who has not tried it. It is refreshing and lets your mind be a fresh slate for an utterly rejuvenating experience. Metta3 Rest Spas has one of the best ambiences and facilities I have experienced.

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