Cafe Series GIVEAWAY: Cha Le Tea Lounge

Some of you may have remembered that I did a review on Cha Le Tea Lounge previously. Cha Le is a sophisticated tea oasis in the heart of Yaletown and I cannot rave enough about their ambience and teas. Check them out right across Yaletown Skytrain! They also have savory and sweet toasts and do collaborations with Beta5.

I have partnered with them to organize a giveaway for our followers. Win one of two amazing teas - the grassy and bittersweet Green Mountain Mist or the mellow and fruity White Moonlight Beauty 2009.

Choice #1:

Green Mountain Mist [100g]

Retails for $45 + tax

Tasting Notes: Grassy, bittersweet, subtle pecan note

Origin: Huangshan, Anhui Province, China

Caffeine: Medium

About this Tea: A tribute to the empwerors from the Tsang Dynasty, this tea is handpicked and processed in April with one bud and one leaf. As its name suggests, Mountain Mist grows in high-altitude areas, always covered by cloud and mist.

White Moonlight Beauty 2009 [50g]

Retails for $24 + tax

Tasting Notes: Sweet, mellow, fruity, honey

Origin: Simao, Yunnan Province, China

Caffeine: Low

About this Tea: Possessing a special colour, one side of the tea leaf is white with downy haid and the other side is black, just like moonlight. This tea must be picked and processed at night to keep away from sunlight. Fermented since 2009.

To win either tea, either:

  • Comment on this blog post with which flavour you want and why.
  • Comment on my Instagram post with which flavour you want and why.
  • Comment on my Facebook post with which flavour you want and why.

This contest is only open to residents in Vancouver and surrounding areas and ends on May 10 at midnight. I will contact the winners.

Like Cha Le on Instagram and Facebook and stay updated with their new menu offerings!

Stay tuned for another review of their tea and savory and sweet toasts.