Café Series: La Glace

As a MASSIVE ice cream lover (I consider it the KING of desserts), my friends and I were DELIGHTED to discover that a beautiful artisanal ice-cream parlour La Glace opened its doors right in Kitsilano. It was tucked away into a neighbourhood, which made it feel even more like a hidden gem. We felt like absolute royalty with its revamped interior - with beautiful peacock embellished pastel wallpaper radiating Parisian chic. Its sophisticated Tiffany Blue color scheme definitely elevated the whole experience.


I was fascinated to discover that the ice cream is created utilizing the French method, which incorporates more egg yolks and cream.

We were exceedingly fortunate to try regular dairy ice cream flavours such as bananes foster (one of their bestsellers consisting of banana rum cream, toffee swirl, cinnamon) and violet & cassis sherbert (tastes like Ribena). Furthermore, as a Southeast Asian obsessed with authentic flavours, vegan ice cream flavours like coco pandan (pandan-infused coconut cream which was thick and rich and I could taste the coconut chunks but not really the pandan) really hit the spot. Portions are generous for sure & I adore how they served the ice cream in an exquisite glass chalice and with a choice of meringue. It just brought the experience to a better level and definitely made us feel Parisian ;) $5.50 for a single scoop, $7.50 for a double scoop and $15 for a beautiful turquoise pint.

My only gripe is that the place was a bit small, therefore, go when you there are few customers, or chat with new people. Otherwise, it makes for a nice and tranquil place to truly catch up with friends and indulge and savour deliciousness.


Compared to places like Earnest Ice Cream (definitely delicious and hipster) and Rain or Shine (family-friendly), La Glace definitely projects an air of sophistication, a French oasis in the cosy Kits. I revelled in the entire experience of delighting in its offerings and the aesthetic of the place which is unique and creates a nostalgic, chic and almost fairytale-like experience. It is apparent that there was a lot of thought, effort and consideration that went into these delightfully handcrafted and indulgent treats.