Trailblazing 2018: Crooked Falls

Difficulty: Intermediate

Estimated Time: 3 hours

Round-Trip Distance: 6 km

Elevation Gain: 380 m

Season: April - November

Car Travelling Time from Vancouver: 1.5 hours

Accessible by Public Transit: No

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This crystal clear view welcomes you as you walk towards the trailhead of the Crooked Falls hike.

Located in the Upper Squamish Valley off the Sigurd Trail (as per the signs above), the hike to the waterfall offers various vantage points overlooking the Squamish River and across the valley. Beginning from the trailhead, follow the Sigurd Trail up the rocky route during its initially steeper ascent. This steep climb is abrupt as the path diverges to the right. Follow the sign above to the left as it extends along a relatively flat, limited trail.


Don't forget to stop along the way to enjoy the views. In particular, there is a ravishing perspective of the Squamish Valley on a rocky bluff. There are no markers indicating its existence, but it's a pretty neat view overlooking the valley towards Howe Sound as well as mountains to the East.

Continue to follow this trail until it turns right and ascends steeply. There will be several intermediately steep switchbacks before the trail leads to a clearing on another rock bluff with sweeping views. This one doesn't quite compare to the previous one. The following section is where you will gain the majority of the elevation to the waterfall.


As per the above, the trail reaches a junction with a yellow sign pointing left to Crooked Falls. Follow the trail as it dips through the next little bit before you reach the waterfall destination.

Here, you can observe 2 great perspectives of the waterfall. First, descend to a spot right in front of the falls to observe up close the full-frontal glory of the water cascading over the rocks. Secondly, use caution to trek back up the slippery trail to where a worn path swoops down to the side of the falls.


After soaking in the views, backtrack along the route down the rocky section to Ashlu Road.