Trailblazing 2018: Dog Mountain

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated Time: 2 hours

Round-Trip Distance: 5 km

Elevation Gain: Minimal

Season: June - October

Car Travelling Time from Vancouver: 50 minutes


The Dog Mountain Trail is a brief and easy hike from Mount Seymour that provides really picturesque views of Vancouver on a sunny day. Although the elevation gain is slight and the entire trail is only about 5km return, the path is slightly technical, so be aware of several sections that contain super slippery and muddy tree roots and areas. There are also several areas with a lot of snow, which you might have to sidetrack. If you want to avoid getting dirty, I would recommend giving this a skip (lol). Also, take note of the brightly colored markers located on the foliage to ensure you don't go off trail.

Upon entering the trailhead, walk down the small hill to the first bridge across a small stream. The trail meanders around tree roots and rough areas, while remaining quite flat with several bumps. Hop over streams and little bridges until you reach the final viewpoint which offers expansive views of English Bay, Grouse Mountain and the City of Vancouver.