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Trailblazing 2017: Queen of Quarry Rock

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 1.5 hours

Round-Trip Distance: 3.8 km

Elevation Gain: 100m

Distance from Vancouver by car: 30 minutes

Accessible by Public Transit? Yes

I have wanted to do the Quarry Rock hike for the longest time, but never got round to it. Deep Cove has always been one of my favorite places in North Vancouver. I remember visiting it when I first moved to Vancouver and planning future picnics and kayaking trips. 

This weekend was (in my opinion) the actual start of Spring. It was freaking gorgeous after many days of rain in March. I knew it was time for an outdoor hiking adventure. 

My parents and I drove to Deep Cove, which was swarming with people basking in the sunshine. Tip: It is fairly hard to find parking when the sun is out so wait patiently. 

I pushed myself extra hard at spin class this morning because I was expecting an easy hike based on Vancouver Trails. However, it was more moderate than easy! There were many sections with steps leading upward. There were only several flat sections and bridges. It was uphill, with a slight elevation gain of 100m, which is actually quite steep for a 3.8km hike. Stretch before, and do fuel up before the hike and when you reach the summit! 

The views at the top were well worth it though!

From the top of the rock, the beautiful blues of the Indian Arm and mountains surrounding Belcarra, as well as picnic area of Deep Cove were breathtaking on a clear day.


Just standing up and admiring the view. It was really crowded as this is a popular day hike. 


I may have looked pensive, but I was actually pretty perplexed.

In search of the perfect Instagram shot, I clambered to the bottom section of the rock. I asked 2 girls to move aside so I could get a better view. Unfortunately, my iPhone which was loosely encased in my jacket pocket, tumbled out and went straight over the edge. It was like it happened in slow-mo. I gasped as it rolled down the sides of the rock into the wilderness below. Maybe this is a sign that nature wants me to do a digital detox. Though this definitely wasn't the best way to kick off my ambitious plans for #Trailblazing2017, I still admired the gorgeous view. After all, it was just my phone and not my safety that was harmed. Glad I had the sense not to reach out and grab it!  Future hikers to Quarry Rock, or any other trails please take care of your belongings and your safety! The rocks are fairly steep in the area. 

Still, I'm so excited to have crossed off Quarry Rock from my bucket list. I really recommend it as a casual half day hike. 

Deep Cove is the perfect place for summer picnics, walks, cafe visits and lounging around in the sunshine. 


RIP iPhone and I can't wait to share more hiking adventures and natural outdoor beauty with you guys. 2017 will be an amazing year of trailblazing!