Hawaii Big Island: Day 3!

Note: The information was made possible with references from Lonely Planet: Hawai’i, the Big Island, 4th edition.

STOP #1: Two Ladies’ Kitchen

Much raved about handmade flavoured mochis and located a stone’s throw away from Hilo’s Farmer Market, we were curious to try these mochis. Their most popular one is strawberry mochi. I found it to be all right and a bit overhyped, but quite a novelty item if you want to try it. When we visited, the place was swarming with tourists.

We ended up getting a custom box of assorted mochis. They have a selection of pre-made ones for sale which are convenient for visitors. This selection consisted of the following flavours: peach, coconut, kamato, butterfly, plumflower and butter.


STOP #2: Akaka Falls

Information: $5 parking and $1 admission fee. We were at the lookout point to catch a glimpse of the waterfall. It takes around 20 minutes walk to see the waterfall up close.

STOP #3: Waipi’o Valley * Highlight *

Reaching the end of Highway 240, you look out across a spectacular natural valley - an emerald coastline and sparking turquoise waters. The valley goes back 6 miles, its flat floor an intricate maze of jungle, huts and patches. The water cascades into a river that ends at Waipi’o’s black sand beach, a rugged beauty encased by dramatic cliffs. An unforgettable jewel of a sight. In my opinion, the best view was at the lookout point.


For more information on available tours in the vicinity, refer to the flyer below. Definitely book early as they were completely sold out when we enquired.


STOP #4: Hapuna Beach

Hapuna is renowned for a captivating half-mile of powdery sand and clear waters. It was so much fun to run into the water and watch people body-boarding. Waves over 3 feet should be left to the experts as drownings do occur here. Sunset occurs at around 6pm during the time we arrived.


The evening was capped off with a mesmerizing look up into the night sky dotted with stars in complete solitude. It made me reflect on the vastness of the universe, the concept of time and how there are so many places to be visited, all so unique. Unfortunately, I do not possess the photographic talent to capture it but I was truly in awe and experienced a transcendental peace. I hope that everyone has the chance to witness and absorb such a beautiful sight.

That’s it for another mesmerizing day in Big Island, Hawaii. Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions or for the itinerary and I will respond shortly.