Hawaii Big Island: Day 4!

Note: The information was made possible with references from Lonely Planet: Hawai’i, the Big Island, 4th edition.

STOP #1: Highway 250

Known as Kohala Mountain Road, this was a really pretty and scenic drive. Overlooking the coastline and some rolling pastures spread out before your eyes, there are various points to stop at. Even the drive is just really nice to take in. There was also the effect of clouds fading into the sea.


STOP #2: Pololu Valley Lookout * Highlight *

This beautiful lookout faces the Kohala Mountains. It is approximately a 30 minutes descent to the beach - do bring sturdy sports shoes as it is quite steep in several areas.

There are various gorgeous lookout points that you can stop at along the way.


Admire the beautiful beach but be careful of the currents here, especially at high tide.

Panorama of the really tranquil beach

Panorama of the really tranquil beach

STOP #3: Gill’s Lanai

This is a hole-in-the-wall hidden gem, featured as one of the “cheap best eats”. It is popular for lobster tacos, fish tacos, korean tacos and smoothies. We thought it was pretty good and filling for the price.


STOP #4: Mo’okini Heiau

Unfortunately, we did not manage to view this despite trying various routes. It is a secluded temple accessible by dirt road, with stone structures and formations facing the ocean. To access this, a 4 wheel drive is required and the best point seemed to be via Upolu Airport.

STOP #5: 49 Black Sand Beach

Located on a volcanic bay near Mauna Lani Resort, 49 Black Sand Beach is the only black sand beach on the Kohala Coast. Black Sand Beach's sand is composed primarily of fine grains of lava. I ran the particles through my fingers and they were super fine and interesting to touch. Crystal clear waters, sea cliffs and the black sand definitely distinguish this beach from others.


We are so sad that this vacation on Hawaii’s Big Island is coming to an end. However, stay tuned for a rundown of the last 2 days here. As always, feel free to email me regarding an itinerary and I will reply shortly.